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At RBC Life Sciences, we believe you deserve the very best in nutritional and personal care products. That is why we carefully research our ingredients and create formulas with the help of doctors and scientists who have a reputation for excellence. Our products are backed by years of scientific research that demonstrate their safety and effectiveness.

A growing number of doctors and health care professionals from around the world count on RBC for the nutritional products they need to help their patients achieve optimum health. They know the reputation of RBC Life Sciences to provide only the purest, most beneficial products, and they would settle for nothing less.

Every day thousands of people turn to RBC Life Sciences because they want to enjoy their life for many years to come. They realize that their health is not something to take for granted. We understand that these products may hold the key to enhancing your health and improving your quality of life, and we take that responsibility very seriously.

RBC Life Sciences products are backed by science, recommended by doctors, and consumed by people who want to live longer, healthier lives.

anotechnology is the new frontier currently being featured in many magazines and touted as the opportunity for a better tomorrow.

Rice University recognized the potential of Nanotechnology and built a $30 million building establishing The Center for Science and Nanoscale Technology. An alumnus of Rice University, RBC Life Sciences's founder and President Dr. Clinton Howard, is a member of the Rice Alliance for Technology And Entrepreneurship.

A technological revolution

that will irreversibly alter

way people live and work.

What is nanotechnology?

A nanometer is one billionth of a meter, the width of six hydrogen atoms, or about 100,000th the size of a single grain of sand! Nanotechnology involves the manufacture and manipulation of molecules from 1-100 nanometers in size.

RBC Leads Nanotechnology to NanoCeuticals™

RBC Life Sciences®, utilizing the incredible new nanotechnology, developed a new line of nutritional and skincare supplements called NanoCeuticals.™

NanoCeuticals™, with nanoscale ingredients, allow RBC to create products that:

  • Scavenge more free radicals
  • Stimulate the source of energy
  • Increase hydration
  • Balance the body’s pH
  • Reduce lactic acid during exercise
  • Reduce the surface tension of foods and supplements to increase wetness and absorption of nutrients

R&D Scientists at RBC also developed NanoClustersTM, a nanosize powder that combines with nutritional supplements. When consumed, it reduces the surface tension of foods and supplements to increase wetness and absorption of nutrients.


Dr. Phelps developed a unique process to manufacture a new and more effective Microhydrin®. It consists of molecular cages, 1-5 nanometers in diameter, made from a silica-mineral hydride complex. On exposure to moisture it releases H- ions, and becomes an antioxidant dietary supplement. It has been shown in independent studies by scientists at major universities to be even more effective than the previous silica hydride in providing its many functions and benefits.

1. Scavenge Free Radicals: New Microhydrin scavenges even more of the dangerous free radicals--the reason you take antioxidants. In tests at the University of Colorado Health Science Center, new Microhydrin® was shown to provide 828% higher ORAC (scavenging of free radicals) than the previous silica hydride not manufactured by RBC.

2. Stimulates The Source Of Energy: NADH is the precursor of ATP, your source of energy. New Microhydrin was shown in an independent university study, to reduce NAD to NADH seven times stronger than the previous silica hydride not manufactured by RBC.

3. Increases Hydration: Microhydrin has been shown in a double-blind controlled clinical study to increase cellular and extra cellular hydration and total body water.

4. Reduces Lactic Acid During Exercise: New Microhydrin was shown in a university study to reduce the levels of lactic acid during strenuous exercise.


The RBC Team of Scientists has also created a liquid water treatment called HydraCelTM. It further reduces surface tension of liquids, increases alkalinity, and converts chlorine in water to a non-toxic form to make a healthier drink.

Microhydrin® Plus

All antioxidants scavenge free radicals. They should also provide electrons for energy. To accomplish these goals even more effectively, the R&D team at RBC created, a broad spectrum of Microhydrin plus eight additional water-based and oil-based antioxidants. An independent laboratory conducted the most accepted antioxidant test, ORAC. Test results showed that the new formula of Microhydrin® Plus was 126 times more effective than the previous form of silica hydride not manufactured by RBC.

This revolutionary product helps reduce free radicals like no other nutritional supplement in the world! Measured with the ORP (oxidation reduction potential) meter, it is the most powerful antioxidant. In living tissue studies, Microhydrin® increases NADH, which is the precursor to ATP, making Microhydrin an energy source with no added calories.

Microhydrin™ Plus combines the antioxidant power of incomparable Microhydrin with 8 other potent antioxidants.

Microhydrin Plus is a broad-spectrum antioxidant designed to provide you with the ultimate protection against free radicals. By combining the most electron-rich antioxidant with eight other powerful, research-backed antioxidants, you have the most effective antioxidant supplement on the market. Microhydrin Plus can help you maintain lower free radical levels for good health.

You can lose weight and keep it off with BioShape! This breakthrough product can help you reach your weight loss goals by curbing your appetite, reducing your cravings for sweets and accelerating your natural fat burning processes without stimulants or artificial ingredients.

BioShape is scientifically backed and proven to work on people just like you. It combines well researched herbs with amino acids to help you increase lean muscle while you lose unwanted fat. It also includes the most optimally absorbed form of chromium for the maintenance of healthy blood sugar levels.

The tender portion of the fresh aloe leaf has been eaten as a healthy, nourishing food for centuries. In 1981, Royal BodyCare’s founder, Clinton Howard, initiated the first serious research project to discover and evaluate the chemical and biological properties of aloe. Over the next 10 years, this study led to the isolation of aloe’s components and revealed to the world its numerous healthful properties. The benefits of TRUAloe™ include:

  • Powerful support for the immune system
  • Helps protect your body from invading organisms
  • Naturally enhance digestion
  • Helps balance the intestinal flora
  • Pure, organic aloe that is gently processed

Science and nature come together to make this perfect food even more beneficial with the addition of the NanoClusters delivery system. RBC spirulina is grown in clean man-made and carefully-controlled ponds, not in farm-country lakes subject to contamination as other blue green algaes. The benefits of RBC Spirulina include:

  • High quality, easily digested protein
  • A naturally rich source of nutrients
  • A satisfying SuperFood for dieters
  • Supports immunity and optimum health
  • Aids in cleansing and detoxifying

Royal BodyCare’s MSM is the most technologically advanced MSM product available. It is complete with vitamin C and the revolutionary new antioxidant, Microhydrin®. MSM with Microhydrin is the ideal way to add organic sulfur back into your diet and achieve the amazing benefits of this nutrient. These benefits include:

  • Naturally enhancing joint mobility
  • Reducing joint discomfort
  • Strengthening collagen for beautiful skin
  • Finding help for your headaches
  • Improving digestive health

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the "Genesis" of RBC Life Sciences provides tht best financial opportunity there is - both for immediate short-term income and long-term financial freedom. It combines the stability and professionalism of a Nasdaq public-traded corporation, the power of Nanoclusters technology, and the lucreativeness of next generation hybrird compensation plans. Rest assured that whatever your dreams are - whether health, wealth, or quality time to enjoy your life - this package is the firt step tp achieve them; this package is the genesis of your successful future.

Bahasa Indonesia

Paket Genesis RBC Life Sciences adalah peluang usaha terdahsyst saat ini – baik untuk menghasilkan bonus jangka pendek maupun bonus pensiun jangka panjang. Sistem ini menggabungkan stabilitas dan profesionalisme perusahaan publik yang terdaftar di Nasdaq, inovasi teknologi Nanoclusters yang menggemparkan, dan keuntungan sistim bonus hybrid generasi masa depan yang sempurna. Jadi apapun impian Anda – kesehatan, kekayaan, maupun waktu untuk menikmanti hidup Anda – paket ini adalah langkah pertama untuk mencapai semuanya , paket ini meupakan ‘genesis’ kesuksesan Anda.

Dr.Clinton H. Howard

Founder & CEO,RBC Life Sciences, Inc



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